Fanny thrills: Tighten your vagina

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Ever heard of pelvic toning balls? Nope? Us neither, until our writer Polina decided to test them out to see if they can make pelvic muscles tighter, and sex better. Here’s what she found after a month of using them…

During a regular interview for the pill, I asked my nurse Barbara Wild if pelvic floor exercises were just for mums. She chuckled gently: “Of course not. They help with bladder control and when sex is painful. They also make the muscles of the pelvis stronger so when you orgasm, it should feel much stronger.”

Stronger orgasms say what?!

I went straight online, to (I’ve been a subscriber since the time I bought cherry-flavoured lube.) From the pelvic exercisers section, I opted for a couple of silver Ben-Wa balls. It was part of my informed choice… Okay, it was because they looked pretty.

When I finally got to hold them three days later, they were a lot heavier than I imagined, and quite big. But, in the name of science, I lubed them as instructed (cherry, obv) and proceeded to pop them in.

After a bit of a struggle, they were securely inside of me. Now the ‘exercise’ could begin. As instructed by a health website, I squatted and tried moving them up and down inside. My pelvis felt heavy, but other than that, not a lot was happening.

We’re all friends, right? So I can say that, as I’m quite tight, I didn’t feel like they were going to fall out. It’s this tightness that means I sometimes have pain during sex, a driving factor for me to be shoving silver balls up my vagina. I soldiered on.

I did the squatting exercises every week and wore the balls more and more, following advice from various websites.

Nearing the end of my month-long experiment, I was getting annoyed every time I had to put the balls in, but I kept thinking about the benefits the websites had promised and carried on until day 28.

gif kegel exercises

And phew, I was finished.

After all that, here’s my verdict:

I don’t have a leaky bladder so I can’t really assess the Ben-Wa balls in terms of that.

But, in the sex department, the balls definitely eased the pain I’m used to experiencing. And, banging was always particularly good after I’d had them in for a while- something my boyfriend noticed, too. Sadly, they didn’t help me with my poor track record of experiencing vaginal orgasm, *sulks.*

But, the balls may help you more than they helped me, so it’s definitely worth giving them a go. They’re cheap, easy to get, and the worst than can happen is you’ll spend a few hours awkwardly squatting like a duck.

If you want to get your hands on a pair, here’s where you can buy them, and if  you’re feeling a bit clueless, a tutorial on how to use the balls.


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