Forget fifty shades: here’s the inside info on a real master/ slave relationship

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A couple shares their experiences of living a full master/slave relationship – how it works, how it makes them feel and why it is so empowering for the woman involved.

Becca’s story:

I can hear the first few notes of our favourite song. He knew I was coming and I was right to leave my clothes behind. I’m not going to need them now. The soft candlelight makes my usual room feel mysterious and exciting. He nods to me and I drop on my knees, instantly assuming position.

‘Such a good girl’ is the response. Inside of me, warmth spreads. I feel both love and lust. Love for the fact that he knew I had a tough day. Lust for all the things I know he’s going to do to me.  My boyfriend is my Master and I’m his willing sex slave.

It all started as a trial over Easter holidays. It was almost like a little wedding. I was sitting on the floor naked and he put a beautiful collar of leather and little sparkly stones around my neck. We swore then I would be his faithful slave and he would look after my well-being at all times. He became my Master.

Life at home was not the same anymore. He told me I couldn’t wear clothes. Who needs those really when you can exchange them for the opportunity to have sex at any time? I had to ask for permission to eat, drink and go to the toilet. At first I felt like a child. But then I thought of it like I have someone who is fully responsible for me. I could just relax and do as he says.

On a normal afternoon at home, Master lays out a pile of pink cushions for me to sit on. He touches me while we watched Netflix, and the film ‘watching’ always turn in to sex. The kind of sex that leaves me blissfully sore.

 The beginning

We’ve been an item for five years and after getting to know each other really well in the bedroom, the idea to become master and slave dawned on us. A lot of people might think ‘Why would a girl want to be used and abused?’ But you have no idea how nice it is to fully give up control and let your loved one take care of you.

My day job is to look after elderly people. I love my work, but it’s not easy. You have to have patience. Tonnes of it. By the end of the day, I am stressed out and can’t wait to come home. I have to recharge my batteries.

This is where our little sex play comes in. I empty my mind and listen to my Master’s voice. After five years, I trust him with my body and soul. I’m not afraid he will hurt me, but I know he’ll push me beyond my limits. It’s all worth it, anyway, because the orgasms are amazing. Have you had a triple clitoral-vaginal-anal orgasm? Well, I have.

For me, it’s a huge turn on to be man-handled, in the bedroom and in general life. Master has power over me which could be as subtle as a touch on my back to stop me slouching, or a glance when I’ve forgotten to say  ‘Thank you, Master.’ That’s usually when it starts to get kinky.

Once we were having an argument about which fruits are the healthiest and I started talking back to him. As a punishment he made me go out and talk to a sales rep at length about lipstick colours. While the poor girl was discussing the difference between cherry and burgundy, she probably thought her phone was ringing. It was actually all the toys buzzing inside of me.

I was so embarrassed and when I reached home my knees were shaking! Master also rang me before I went in to the make up shop and made me keep the line open – so that he knew I was receiving my punishment. After being teased for so long I had two of my best orgasms when we finally had sex.



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 The way it feels

You probably still think it’s scary and that’s okay. It’s not for everyone. I’m very sexual and I’m lucky to have someone around who would let me indulge in all my fetishes. I love cum. And fantasy role-play. Spanking. Being tied up. Being treated as a pet.

My pleasure is always David’s first priority; knowing that makes me feel so, so sexy and feminine. He looks at me like I’m a sex goddess. That’s why I’m his slave and do his kinky bidding. But the one who will have the shattering orgasm is me.

And no, I don’t worry about him going too far. We’re both very good at reading each other, and he always knows when to ease off the pressure and when to push me hard. I also wouldn’t keep my mouth shut if there was something worrying me. Talking to each other is the key to any relationship, kinky or not.

I have a series of safe words always there in case I can’t take it. Red, Amber, Green. Red is full stop, something’s gone wrong. Amber is take a quick pause, switch positions, my hair is in my nose. Green is go full steam ahead. And the one I repeat most often.

I’ve never used red and I probably never will. I can be whatever I like in the bedroom without worrying I will be hurt or misunderstood. I choose to submit and let go of control – and there is nothing more freeing for a woman that to feel sexy and comfortable within herself. Finding that one person who will indulge you is amazing – and what makes life worth living at the end of the day.

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