S Word Playlist: Sunday Lovin’

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A playlist of pure mush for all the pairs who’ve made it through the awkward morning after phase. Happy lurve making…

You’ve made it through the awkward ‘Oh shit there’s someone next to me! Should I say hi?!?’ phase, you’ve dined on Tesco Malted Wheats and leftover pizza, and you’re even planning on tuning in to channel 5’s 3.30pm showing of Mulan.

Congrats, you’ve completed one night stand level one. Now, whilst you’ve still got your new pal in the sheets, it’s time to take it up a notch.

But before you can saddle up and go again, you need a sexy soundtrack with some substance, to reflect the cast-iron (okay, maybe more like tin) bond of you and your partner in crime.

Well, we’ve got your back. Like the helpful, sex-crazed, auntie you never had, we’ve put together a playlist of sexy mood music just right for some Sunday luuuurve making. Try not to cry.

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