The truth about lesbian sex

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There are a lot of myths surrounding lesbian sex, some are true, but others are straight up bullshit. The S Word’s Ashley has been speaking frankly with lesbians to find out what they actually get up to in bed.

Lesbians rely on rubber cocks

Lesbians are not miserable man-haters, crying over how crap of a life they are having because of the lack of dick involved in it.

“Many think all we do is pull out our precious dildos to make up for our discrepancy but why can’t we treasure our gift from mother nature. Guys have their gift of dicks, and we have our magic fingers that provide way better control than a rubber cock,” says Zoe, 23.

“I don’t really use a dildo often during sex. It’s hard to get a new one whenever you have a new sex partner,” she adds.

Rachel, 23 agrees, saying: “Dildos can be good sometimes, but when we want to get down to business, it’s back to the fingers.”

And who is to judge whether a cock feels better than fingers? After all, it’s not about what you’ve got, but what you do. It took your boyfriend some time to find the G spot, right?


Forget about the whole porn-fuelled scissoring fantasy. Lesbians, like straight girls, are all about getting their kicks, not practicing for the circus with limbs flailing everywhere during sex.

Rachel said, “This myth has been exaggerated in porn, when in reality 95% of lesbian sex involve using fingers alone.”

Zoe said, “Honestly, I think scissoring requires a lot of physical flexibility from both parties, so it usually isn’t feasible. It’ss doable, but the people I know don’t really do it or do it often.”

 Wham, bam, thank you ma’am… or not

We all know that girls take longer to warm up than guys when it comes to getting down n’ dirty, so it’s no surprise that lesbians take their time having sex.

“Yes, we take our time with foreplay,” says Shez, 24.

“Enough of it will lead to an easier climax and orgasm, duh.”

And Jo, 20, agrees, explaining: “When it comes to tongue game, we are pretty much experts.”

“My girlfriend likes it every time I do it on her.”

When it’s that good, why wouldn’t these gals take their time? Fair play, we say.

The butch dominates in bed

It’s completely untrue that the ‘butch’ girl in a lesbian relationship always dominates sex. Sometimes it’s the case, but usually, the split in dominance between ‘top’ and bottom’ (Just like how a guy is a ‘top’ and you are a ‘bottom’ for missionary) is equal.

Amy, 19 said she and her girlfriend, Liz, have the same amount of control in the bedroom.

“Neither one of us is submissive in bed. Sometimes, Liz is on top and I am the bottom, but sometimes it’s the other way round. We both control the sex we want.”

It’s not the same as straight sex

Most straight girls and guys assume that lesbian sex is way different from the hetero kind they’re having. But this actually isn’t true.

As Rachel explains, “Why would it be different except for the technicalities? The rest is the same. It’s just what happens when two people who love each other feel like having sex.”

And this myth is one that pisses some gay girls off.

“We are just the way we are.” Shez rightly points out.

Basically, whether you’re in to vaginas or dicks, sex is sex. Maybe if we stopped labelling different ‘kinds’ of sex so strictly, all of the myths surrounding lesbian girls wouldn’t exist.

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