The truth about virginity

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There are so many myths around losing virginity, but the truth is it will be different for every girl. You may be lucky and lose your virginity to a loving partner or you may be drunk and end up regretting it in the morning, who knows? Two of our S Word team recall their very contrasting “first time” and show how different it can be.

Becky, 21, West Midlands.

My friends and I had just finished our A-Levels so headed to the Greek island to celebrate, and like many others our age, hoped to finally lose our virginity before starting university.  Luckily this was made a bit easier as our close group of boy mates were also headed there, conveniently. I was particularly excited about seeing one of the boys who I had been sort of seeing back in England. We went to my leavers ball together, and we had both insinuated that we would have sex in Zante, so I was feeling quite hopeful when bumping into him on our first night.

After downing one too many “Screaming orgasms”, he asked me if I wanted another, to which I replied (rather embarrassingly) “I’d rather have the real thing”. And with that, he grabbed me by the wrist and marched us out of the bar and off the strip.

We walked so fast back to his hotel it was as if we were rushing for a train, only to be stopped in our tracks by security. “That will be 10 euros to let her in pal”, he said. And without hesitation my friend handed over the money and feeling like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere we headed to his room in what felt like a scene from Pretty Woman, but in sandy flip flops instead of sexy stilettos.

You may think I rushed into this decision, but I was so excited to finally “pop my cherry” that I didn’t want to wait any longer.

But my cherry didn’t just pop, it burst.

With the help of alcohol, my first time didn’t really hurt and I actually felt quite proud of myself for this. But that was until I was told by the guy, “Don’t look down”. But everybody knows that as soon as someone tells you that, you automatically LOOK DOWN, right? It’s an unwritten rule, you just have to look.

So, midway through having sex I tentatively peered down and saw the white sheets submerged in blood from where my hymen had broken. I’m not exaggerating here, by the time we’d finished and made it to the bathroom there was blood on the walls, the doors and even in the bath.  But luckily for me, it wasn’t my hotel room, so I didn’t have to pay the fine!

However, the unfortunate events didn’t stop there.

My partner’s roommate barged in and saw the “crime scene”. He burst out laughing and after screaming “OMG” hurried out to tell his friends.

But despite all of the blood and the interruption by our friend, I don’t regret my first time one bit. It may not have been smooth sailing but I’m glad I did “it” with one of my best friends, who soon after became my boyfriend. He was constantly asking if I was okay and even took me in the shower after to wash me down, and was completely understanding about the blood. And I think that’s what’s most important when losing your virginity. That you’re comfortable with who you do it with and are 100% sure you are ready.

Some people dream about having the “perfect” first time, and they may well have that. But realistically, like mine, it will rarely be perfect but may well end up being a funny story to tell, and certainly one I won’t forget.


Where the 'magic' happened

Where the ‘magic’ happened

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