Embarrassing tales from the Gum Clinic

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No one likes visiting the gum clinic, and if you do then maybe you need to, like, reassess your life choices. Not only is it embarrassing and awkward but bloody painful at times, too! But, there are times when the GUM is so bad it’s hilarious. Here are our favourite embarrassing tales from no ones fave place…

  •  Medic students

When you finally work up the courage to go in for an examination, after convincing yourself that the middle aged nurse in there has seen thousands of vaginas before and probably (hopefully) will have seen some pretty horrific ones, you enter the room only to be greeted by a fit medicine student your own age. Now, Rebecca, 21, from Warwickshire didn’t want to seem a prude when asked if Harry, the tanned and handsome student could sit in on the proceedings to help enhance his studies, after all, he could be curing your vaginal warts one day. So she just sat there with a forced smile on her face and said politely “No of course I don’t mind”, when what she really meant to say was “NO HE BLOODY CAN’T”. What could possibly be more embarrassing than sitting in the birthing position when the hottest guy you’ve ever seen is staring right into your vagina. But at least she remembered to shave, right?

  • Foot fear (don’t ask, just read)

It’s not often you find yourself being shouted at by the nurse in your check-up. But 22-year-old Katie from Bournemouth experienced just that. After struggling to get into the right position for the nurse, Katie started to shuffle down the bed and accidentally hit her nurse in the face with her foot. Unbeknown to her, the nurse had a major foot phobia and shouted at her! (This is a true story, I promise!)

  • Dropping the funnel down the toilet

It can be very nerve wracking visiting a gum clinic, especially with the pressure of having to pee on demand for a urine sample. However, for sexual health clinic novice Polina, 22, from Bulgaria, figuring out how to successfully pee into the funnel without getting piss all over her hands proved a difficult task. With the pressure of four staff waiting outside for her, she nervously dropped the funnel into the toilet and rather embarrassingly had to go back and ask for another one.

  • And finally, seeing the guy you slept with in the waiting room

Nothing could be more embarrassing than bumping into your one night stand whilst you’re waiting for a sexual health check-up, as Sarah, 23 from Newcastle found out. What do you even say to them? You both know why you’re there to see if the other has given you a disease. So “Hey, how are you?” seems a bit forced an inappropriate when the chances are that neither of you are on top form, you’re both worried to death and quite frankly just want to ask each other “Is there any chance you’ve given me Chlamydia?????” Instead, Sarah insisted that she was just “waiting for a friend”. That was until her cover was blown when the nurse called her through for her appointment.

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