What guys really think of our body admin worries

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Our Zoe looks into the things us girls panic over before, during and after getting naked with a guy. Their responses to our extensive list of worries might just surprise you…

Pubes –

Ah, pubes- the ultimate worry for us ladies- especially when we’re getting intimate with a new guy for the first time.

It’s not totally unheard of for me to spend half an hour in the shower trying to decide what to do with my pubic hair. Should I shave it all off? Maybe he doesn’t like it bald so should I leave a landing strip, or would a triangle look more grown up? Can I really be arsed to get a shaving rash for this guy? Shouldn’t he love my bush for what it is?

So many pube-related questions. In the end I usually play it pretty safe and shave it all off (mainly because I get bored half way through trying to style a landing strip.)

But what do guys really think?

Declan, 22, says: “I don’t like it when girls shave their vaginas – it makes them look like children!”

Sam, 21, says: “I like a girl to be shaven. Usually all off but I wouldn’t say no to a general tidy up.”

Queefing –

The most unladylike of bodily noises (yes this far outweighs farting in front of any boy). Imagine it, you’re in the middle of having really sweaty sex on all fours. Not the most romantic of positions so he suggests you roll over into missionary for the big finish. You know what’s coming, but you pray this time it doesn’t happen. Alas, it does. The queef. You see a look of mixed amusement and horror cross his face, he carries on and you pretend it never happened. But did it actually put him off?

Conor, 21, says: “It’s a bit off-putting but nothing major, wouldn’t really say it’s an issue for girls to worry about. I’d probably just laugh and carry on.”

Ollie, 19, adds: “It’s hilarious when a girl queefs and I can’t help but laugh.”

Fishy fanny –

You haven’t showered yet and he wants to go down on you. What do you do? According to science pheromones released by the human sweat glands are attractive to the opposite sex. So embrace it and use that as your excuse (if you need one). The likelihood is neither of you are going to be the freshest, and if he wants to go down there he probably won’t care about a bit of body odour.

Lads, what are you sayin’?

Jake, 22, says: “There’s something quite hot about a girl not being completely clean.”

Zach, 20, says: “I’m not a fan of a fishy fanny, but I’m not going to say no to morning sex am I?”

Periods –

Now this is a controversial one.

It’s medically proven that girls get hornier when we’re on our period, but sex when ‘on’ isn’t for everyone. I know plenty of guys who don’t mind it at all – slap a condom on and deal with the consequences afterwards, but some are not as embracing.

The truth is periods, are an alien concept to most guys and the thought of a girl bleeding during sex can be a bit off-putting to say the least.

Conor, 21, says: “It depends. If it’s light or near the end of it then you just wear a condom and it’s minor.”

Robbie, 20, says: “It’s messy, unhygienic and a major turn-off.”

Saggy tits –

If you’re part of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) you can scroll right on down.

But, a major worry for the big-breasted population, myself included, is that most positions involve some sort of tit flailing- not the most flattering pose.

But girls, come on, they’re tits! Of course boys aren’t going to care. No guy wants you to keep your bra on during sex. They 100% want to cop a glimpse of your boobs, no matter how saggy you think they look. Here’s the evidence to prove it:

Ross, 23, says: “I’m having too much fun to notice whether your tits are saggy or not.”

Ollie, 21, says: “TITS!” –Thanks for that insightful gem.


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