Sex on the beach: the best shores to get steamy on

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Summer’s just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing- time to get frisky abroad. Our writer Becky has found the best three shagging shorelines for you to grace with your sexual presence this summer. Just remember to take a towel…

With all the Pedros and Luigis making a play for us English girls, it’s hard to say no to a quickie behind the banana boat sales shack on holiday. Oh don’t act like you haven’t at least though about it… Rather than rejecting the advances of olive-skinned Lotharios, follow these top tips for sensational seaside sex, wherever your destination.

  1. The Family Holiday- Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

This idyllic white sandy beach, located in the family resort of Santa Ponsa, is a great location for some summer lovin’- even if it’s with your boyfriend. Just make sure his parents are far, far, away.

However, don’t let the “family” aspect put you off. This beach soon becomes deserted at night, perfect for you to frolic around in the sand. But watch out for the Guardia Civil, the Spanish police are renowned for being brutal, the last thing you’d want is to be surprised mid climax with a bellowing “Hola!”

TOP TIP: Position yourselves between two pedalos. It provides you with some privacy whilst still maintaining the excitement that you’re actually “doing it” on a beach.


beach 1

  1. Girls on Tour Holiday- Laganas, Zante

Despite being one of the top destinations for young Brits after finishing their A-levels, Laganas beach becomes fairly quiet in the evening despite the bustling strip just metres away. So if you’re on a girls’ holiday and fancy an end-of-the-night bang, this could be the beach for you.

TOP TIP: Laganas is famous for its’ turtles so keep an eye open for any in close proximity- now that would be an interesting threesome!

  1. Couples Retreat- Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi Lee

Now, you may recognise this beach from the famous film “The Beach” (ironically).

This tranquil bay is located in the middle of paradise, with crystal clear waters and a view to die for- perfect for a romantic getaway, right? And with Leonardo DiCaprio having filmed on it, this beach is definitely on our bucket list!

TOP TIP: Imagine your partner is Leo, a sure way to make the whole experience that bit more enjoyable. And definitely not creepy at all…

beach 2

NB: Watch out for crabs (both kinds!)

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