Uh-oh: How to deal with sleeping with your housemate

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So you got white girl wasted on peach schnapps and fell into the arms (and bed) of your housemate. What now? The S Word has mulled over your options for you…

You’re horny, going out three times a week, and living in a mixed flat/house at Uni. It’s inevitable that at some point you’re likely to fall onto the lips of one of your guy housemates.

But what’s more awkward than kissing in a club to Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls? Waking up naked with him spooning you, a used condom stuck to your sweaty bum, that’s what.

So what to do now? It looks like you have three options.

1) Sneak out, pretend it never happened and never look each other in the eye again?

Okay, so that may be a bit dramatic. But downright denial, and swearing each other to secrecy, could be a good way to pretend it never happened.  (If anyone saw you two grinding on the dance floor, you’re gonna have to perfect your poker face.) Oh and you had probably better make sure you both saw it as a mistake, otherwise the next few nights out could become awkward when you’re trying to pull an innocent fresher with your housemate lurking/crying in the strobe lights.

2) Laugh it off.

Yes it might be easier to forget about it all, but let’s be real- it’s going to come out in a game of never have I ever. So your safest option is probably to just admit to it and joke about it. If other people see you two are finding it funny, they won’t be awkward about it either. Plus, laughing it off means you can still remain good friends. Yes you may get a few raised eyebrows from your other housemates for a while, but it’s all in good spirits. And anyways, it’s one off the bucket list, eh?

3) Utilise it –aka embrace the dream friends with benefits situ.

Girl, you’ve got yourself the ultimate FWB. You literally live together. That means sex on tap, as and when you want it. But, remember your housemates, the likelihood is they don’t want you sneaking off every pre drinks for a quick fumble. And they will definitely hate you if you have sex in the communal shower. (No, that is never okay under any circumstances.)

And finally, get an STI test. Yes you may live with him, but you don’t know what’s living in his boxers. Get checked out. For your local GUM Clinic download the SOS Word app.

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