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Bored in the bedroom and thinking of using sex toys? Our writer Becky has found her favourite product, and reviewed it just for The S Word readers…

Ever been so sexually frustrated ­­that you just needed a quick fix? Well here it is. The Ann Summers Rose Gold Mini Vibrator does just the trick, and it looks pretty, too.

But don’t let its small and girlie appearance fool you, this vibrator is mighty powerful. With 10 different settings to stimulate the clitoris, it’s perfect for everyone, from vibrator virgins to sex toy pros.

Be prepared to climax quicker than ever before. A few minutes with this vibrator should get you to where you want to be (if you get our drift.) The round handle at the top of the vibrator is also perfect for clutching onto, and we mean CLUTCHING (this toy is unreal.)

With a price tag of £20.00, it isn’t the cheapest vibrator out there, but an endless amount of orgasms is priceless, right? After your first try of this product, you’ll be unable to put it down. And if you’re willing to share it, it’s also perfect for allowing your partner to tease you with. But just don’t mention that the vibrator is better than them (which it will be). Trust me, it doesn’t go down well.

So ditch the fingers and pick up one of these bad boys (batteries included)! After all, great things come in small packages.


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