How to escape on a blind date

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So you’re on a blind date. He’s a weirdo. Don’t panic, The S Word has got you covered. Here’s our set of rules to ensure your escape route to safety…

Rule 1: Make sure people know where you are – tell your housemates, your parents, your sister, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker (okay you get the picture). Just make sure people know where you are.

Rule 2: Always meet in a public place – don’t go round to theirs, you never know who they could be. Tinder pics can be deceiving.

Rule 3: Disappear for toilet ‘touch-up’ – excuse yourself to the ladies where you can panic text your mates or …(see below)

Rule 4: Phone a friend – follow Chris Tarrant’s advice and have a friend on speed dial in case something goes wrong and you need an excuse to leave.

Rule 5: Get a taxi home – don’t walk and risk him following you. And always stay in well lit areas, don’t take any shadowy shortcuts.

Tinder expert, Hayley Quinn, has some more advice: “There’s a huge catfish element to Tinder so do what you can to establish that the person is real before entering into more conversation. Woman to woman conversations are particularly bad for one of the parties turning out to be a man!”

She suggests moving the convo from Tinder (or other dating apps) to whatsapp straight away and asking for their Facebook and Instgrams so you can check they’re real.

If they don’t seem legit, don’t put yourself in danger.

“Never feel bad about exiting a Tinder date early. You owe this person nothing and if their profile was false advertising, respect your safety first and move on,” she adds.

Here’s a video where Hayley talks about cancelling dates (which is totally okay to do). Enjoy!

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