The S Word Truth or dare: Edition One

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For those of you who lacking a bit of oomph in the bedroom and are looking for something to spice things up- we’ve got your back. Every week we’ll share a non PG-13 dare for you to try it out. Give it a go, then let us know the truth- did it work, was it as awesome as we promised it would be?

Dare: Role-play

Getting out of your usual girlfriend/ boyfriend roles will make your sex life way more exciting. It’s like doing it with a complete stranger that happens to know all your sweet spots – and without all the guilt and regret than comes with cheating.

Admit it, you have fantasies – most women do! So instead of fighting them, get digging around the back of your wardrobe, or hit up the nearest fancy dress shop and get creative.

Leading sex expert Dr. Emily Morse says in her blog Sex with Emily, “the key to role-play is letting go of your inhibitions.”

Whether you go for the sexy school-girl vibe, a saucy secretary look, or a full-on fantasy character, role play can really inject some fun in to your sex life.

You can take it super seriously, or just laugh with your partner at how cringey your life has become. There is so much freedom in sex play like this, it’s really up to your partner how you do it and how often.

So, what are you waiting for? Get role playing, and remember to let us know in the comments section how you get on!

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