The ‘Gold Rush’ season

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You’re nearing the end of university and it’s getting closer to your summer getaway. But before you start clearing up your student house and packing your suitcase, there’s one last thing to do- that fit fresher you’ve been pining after all year.

That’s right, it’s Gold Rush season. Not heard of it? Well neither had I until a couple of weeks ago. My fellow course mate informed me of this genius theory that because it’s the end of university you can sleep (or attempt to at least) with anyone you’ve fancied that was deemed inappropriate to do so beforehand.

This conversation was inspired by our mutual crush on a lad in the year below. “It’s Gold Rush, you’re never going to see him again so why not sleep with him at the ball?!”, she asked me. Apart from the tiny fact that he would also have to be willing to sleep with me (unlikely), I definitely do not have the balls to do such a thing.

Unfortunately, I was never brave enough to follow my friends’ advice, and believe me, I regret it. He was looking FAF at our annual ball and his new FB pic is a solid 8/10, and remains the only thing not checked off of my university bucket list.

So, whether it’s a fellow course mate where the consequences would have been far too awkward in seminars, or that first year student who is stupidly fit for an 18-year-old, I’d encourage you to go for it! Pursue him, or her, after all there’s nothing left to lose. Unless you fail the year and have to awkwardly sit next to him in lectures for 9 months- good luck with that!


B x

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