The not-so secret diary of a call girl

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A lot of girl’s have this glamorous perception of what being an escort is like, thanks to TV programmes like “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”. But in reality, being an escort is not as glitzy as it seems as we found out when Sheffield based Sophie* discussed her turbulent ride in the escort industry. […]

The ‘Gold Rush’ season

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You’re nearing the end of university and it’s getting closer to your summer getaway. But before you start clearing up your student house and packing your suitcase, there’s one last thing to do- that fit fresher you’ve been pining after all year. That’s right, it’s Gold Rush season. Not heard of it? Well neither had […]

Embarrassing tales from the Gum Clinic

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  No one likes visiting the gum clinic, and if you do then maybe you need to, like, reassess your life choices. Not only is it embarrassing and awkward but bloody painful at times, too! But, there are times when the GUM is so bad it’s hilarious. Here are our favourite embarrassing tales from no […]