Boys on: Periods

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The S Word’s Zoe speaks to her clueless boyfriend about tampons and sanitary towels. And yes, it does end up with a pad stuck to his face. 

Embarrassing tales from the Gum Clinic

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  No one likes visiting the gum clinic, and if you do then maybe you need to, like, reassess your life choices. Not only is it embarrassing and awkward but bloody painful at times, too! But, there are times when the GUM is so bad it’s hilarious. Here are our favourite embarrassing tales from no […]

Confessions of a Brazilian wax virgin

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Some like their pubes shaved, others trimmed, and then there are those that just want them all off. Our writer Yvette Tan took a dive off the deep end into the world of the Brazilian, and ended up dealing with more than just hot wax…