The ‘Gold Rush’ season

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You’re nearing the end of university and it’s getting closer to your summer getaway. But before you start clearing up your student house and packing your suitcase, there’s one last thing to do- that fit fresher you’ve been pining after all year. That’s right, it’s Gold Rush season. Not heard of it? Well neither had […]

Which star sign should you be getting steamy with?

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Most of us know a little bit about star signs: Aries are hot-headed, Pisces are shy, Geminis are two-faced. But did you know that the stars can also give us hints about who our most compatible partners in the bedroom? Read on to find out which sign you should be getting hot n’ heavy with…

Why do I fancy you?

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You clock your crush – your palms go clammy, your heart starts racing, your uncontrollable eye contact leads your jaw to drop open. Ever panicked over why this happens? No sweat. The S word is here to explain why you’re acting like a complete smitten kitten.